Chocolate and Confectionary

CARUGIL is now firmly established as one of the world's leading specialists in high-quality machines for the Food, Confectionery and Pharmaceutical Industries.

With the market showing rapid growth in both size and diversity, we continue to consolidate our position with machines that integrate excellence in technology with new, cutting-edge software applications.

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Dumoulin supplies automatic coating installations for sugar coating, sugarfree, chocolate coating and varnishing. A complete rangeof installations is available with batch sizes from 250kg to 3000kg. The company is a market leader in coating business with customers in the whole world.

Dumoulin headquarters and manufacturing facility is located near Paris, France, where machines are designed, built and tested. A laboratory is available for tests in industrial conditions with existing and future customers.

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Royal Duyvis Wiener B.V. is one of the leading manufacturers in the global cocoa and chocolate processing industry. We optimize production processes by supplying new equipment and upgrading existing plants. We reduce production costs by saving energy and minimizing downtime.

We are well-known across the globe as solution provider in every industrial environment, particularly in the cocoa and chocolate industry. We are the sole global supplier of complete turnkey lines for the production of cocoa, chocolate, compound and nut pastes. For either lab or large-scale production, single machines or turnkey processing plants, we offer multiple solutions for the complete process from cocoa bean to bar.

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EXECUTIVE where innovation, quality and service become a BRAND.

A leading world-wide... supplier of machinery and complete processing lines for the production of confectionery items such as: hard boiled and filled candy, toffee and chewy candy as well as bubble-gum and chewing-gum.

Executive is a private owned and dynamic company with a more than 30 years experience in the confectionery field; it employs 50 people sharing the same feeling of “Team Membership” which leads to work with great dedication and enthusiasm for the common commitment of customer’s satisfaction.

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Implast Chocolate Moulds Company is located in Istanbul, Turkey and it is the only Turkish Company specialized in the production of Polycarbonate Moulds for chocolate production. The wide range of polycarbonate moulds that Implast produce are available in all sizes and for various types of chocolate plants. Their range of moulds contain solid and center-filled moulds, double moulds, book type moulds with magnets, etc.

For more than 40 years Implast has developed its own manufacturing methods in order to guarantee the quality. Implast mainly offers injection moulds especially created according to customers’ needs. Implast has also developed a large number of standard moulds for small sized chocolate producers. 
Implast create designs specifically embracing our customers individual needs. You will find our several designs made for our customers for different plants as well as the standard moulds in their website. Continuous dedication to technology and product development is the key for Implast setting the standard for chocolate moulds. Aiming to meet the changing demands of its customer's Implast continues with ongoing research and development and follows new technologies closely.

Contributing to the brands of its customers, Implast became a preferred supplier and solution partner to its customers.

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World class confectionery
Candy manufacturers want to make their production process as efficient and inventive as possible. That’s where the Tanis Confectionery team comes in. From gums, jellies and fondants to candy bars, caramels and chewy candy, Tanis can deliver all the equipment and support you need for your design and testing processes.

Tanis does not just develop machines – in fact, the customer is at the heart of everything we do. We design and develop creative and effective solutions that improve and enhance your production processes and help your business succeed. Our human focus requires close cooperation with customers and world-class expertise. We focus on providing the best installations in the world, for the best sweets in the world.

Sharing our expertise around the globe
Our clients believe in nurturing traditional knowledge and skills, and they know the added value a family owned business offers in a global market. Heritage, tradition and true expertise make Tanis Confectionery the best choice, both now and in the future.

Why Tanis Confectionery?
» Tanis puts years of experience in the global confectionery industry at your disposal.
» We can help you with development and improvement of your recipes in the Tanis Innovation Center.
» Excellent service, with highly qualified, enthusiastic and professional personnel.
» We offer total solutions from start to finish; meaning one supplier and one operating system, less time to production and less risk.

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